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Thread: United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange

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    Default United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange

    United Nations Treasury

    United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange

    Warning: The Operational rates of exchange listed herein are intended only for the internal record-keeping of the United Nations. No warranty of accuracy can be given and the United Nations shall not assume any responsibility in connection with the present publication of these rates. Generally, the rates are updated monthly, based on market conditions. Adjustments are also made following official government devaluations or revaluations.
    For the fixed conversion rates of Euro-zone currencies and Euro Click here

    Help: If the spreadsheet does not reflect the change(s) mentioned in this page, close the Internet browser and open again, or clean/empty the internet cache (cookies and temorary files at the internet options in the Tools menu) in your PC and try/refresh the page again.

    There won't be an individual email notice attaching the new spreadsheet for scheduled changes. All users should check and download the file posted in this website. While there could be no changes for the mid-month, there might be ad-hoc changes during the month unexpectedly. Please check this site daily for possible changes.

    • 2010 Operational Rates of Exchange Last updated 13 December 2010 for the effective date of 15 December 2010 and thereafter until further notice.

      Please note that there are changes in major currencies and related currencies effective 15 Dec 2010.

      There is now a new website for the U.N. Operational Rates of Exchange, which is intended to replace this site.

      The address of the new webpage is This (old) website will be maintained only until the end of this year.
      Schedule of UN Operational Rates of Exchange
      Publishing Date
      Effective Date
      13 Dec 2010, if applicable
      15 Dec 2010
      29 Dec 2010
      31 Dec 2010 / 1 Jan 2011

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    • 2003 Operational Rates of Exchange

    • 2002 Operational Rates of Exchange

    • 2001 Operational Rates of Exchange

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