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Thread: Iraqi oil: 1600 jobs in Basra

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    Default Iraqi oil: 1600 jobs in Basra

    Iraqi oil: 1600 jobs in Basra

    Timeline 24/10/2009 01:00 AM

    Announced that the Iraqi Oil Ministry on the availability of 1670 job opportunities for work in the Southern Oil Company in conjunction with the approach of starting the work of foreign companies in the fields of oil-rich province, south of the country.

    And initiated the Southern Oil Company of the Ministry of Oil, two weeks before the announcement of the availability of 1670 vacant posts of different terms of reference for engineering and a diploma of oil and technicians and graduates in the middle and primary drivers, on the need of the company.

    And rushed thousands of men of all ages to register, despite the age requirement set by the company not to exceed forty years, and the applicant would be the people of Basra province.

    A member of the Basra Governorate Council and Chairman of the Oversight Committee on the appointments, Sawadi Muhammad Ali "The process of the oil industry is expanding day after another, the Southern Oil Company understands the need to set the terms of reference for engineering and Diploma oil and technicians to fill the need."

    He added that "It will contribute to addressing unemployment in the province if a certain percentage."

    The unemployment rate in Basra province, 12% among men and 20% among women, according to UN reports.

    He said Mohammed, said "the distribution of more than 5600 form the work of engineering degree holders and other 6087 campaign diploma and more than five thousands of other drivers during the operation, which began in the fourth month of the current."

    And develop company "British Petroleum" and British "CNBC" Chinese final touches on a contract with the Iraqi Oil Ministry to raise production to 8,2 million barrels per day in Rumaila (southern Iraq), where would 85% of Iraqis representing the 3200 cadres belonging to the Southern Oil Company which will be the second party in the "oil company Rumaila."

    Said Taher Yassin administrative official in the Southern Oil Company said the "trade-off between the applicants will apply and will give 10% (of jobs) to the families of martyrs (who died at the hands of the former regime) as well as the proportion of other political prisoners who would be excluded from the requirement in addition to the sons of old workers in the Southern Oil Company ".

    Said Raad Owaid mentor (32 years), who dreams of having a job as a driver, "I am without work and I am going very bad physical and I'm responsible to support their large family."

    He continued to live and Owaid Basra pain "I could not get the instruments of school because they said that the documents were burned. Has become a victim between the school and the Commission."

    For his part, "said Mohamed Adel Abdel-Samad (31 years), who lives north of Basra and tried unsuccessfully to get a government job by the" true I am an engineer, but I will not refuse to work as a driver because I want to work in the public sector. "

    In the view of just the process of applying for work are organized and there is no violations, but noted "the existence of things, desperate to applicants such as exceptions to the families of martyrs and political prisoners" under the former regime.

    In turn, says the Charter of Muhammad (33 years), who came from the Maysan province (southeastern Iraq) without seeing the terms of surrender "I am a taxi driver but I am tired of this work, and I want to work in a governmental institution."

    He said Mohammed, a father of four children, said that "working conditions were good, but unfortunately only for the people of Basra."

    "They (local officials) behaved as if the conservative government of (independent) within the government" of Iraq.

    Oil is the main source of Iraq's budget, which has the third largest oil reserves in the world and an estimated 115 billion barrels, which lies in the fields of Basra, but wars and sanctions imposed on Iraq since 1990, delayed the exploration and extraction

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