The seizure of a counterfeit currency "dollar and Iraqi" in the possession of a traveler at Najaf airport

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A security force was able to arrest a traveler with a forged currency "dollars and an Iraqi" at the airport in Najaf.

In a statement issued by the Euphrates News Agency, a copy of which was received by the National Security Directorate at the airport of Najaf International Airport, an Iraqi passenger arriving from Beirut aboard Iraqi Airways, "The Iraqi currency is estimated at more than (28 thousand dollars), and the Iraqi currency {150 thousand} category 50 thousand with ({75 thousand} category 25 thousand."

She added that "according to information was formed detachment by our directorate and a national security officers to monitor The traveler has already found the counterfeit amounts referred to above in his possession and has been hidden by a circumvention To the law and after inquiring of him turned out to be a tool for the transfer of currency "

She pointed to" referral of the accused to the Directorate of Organized Crime in Najaf to take legal action against him. "