The head of the port authority calls for the region to implement an electronic system

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Head of the border crossing organization Kazem Al-Aqabi discussed with the Director General and Assistant Director-General General Authority for Customs in the Kurdistan region the subject of the electronic system applied in the region.

A statement of the ports received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of the meeting "included a complete presentation of the electronic system of customs of the region, which is completed all the procedures for the customs process from the moment of entry of the portal portal port and leaving it with the empowerment of all parties access to their data, "He said.

He pointed out that "this system shows him the ability to issue various reports and prevent the agents of customs clearance of those who do not have an official license from the customs can not use this system and thus the case of comment is eliminated by the non-licensed loyalists, and in turn the head of the Ports Authority made some observations and documented By the system administrator. "

He stressed that the officials of the Federal General Authority of Customs to implement this system for the purpose of benefiting from this experience and move to the work of automation, which in turn will contribute to the mitigation of administrative and financial corruption, especially since the cost of the system is very simple, but its benefits are great.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting with the Minister of Finance of the Kurdistan Region on the file of unification of customs duties at all ports and facilitate the smooth flow of goods, while stressing the prevention of the entry of agricultural crops covered by the protection of the local product.