Iran: Iraq began paying off electricity debt


Iran's Energy Minister Reza Erdkanian has announced that Iraq has begun
the process of paying its debts in the field of electricity to Iran.

Erdogan said in a statement to reporters on Friday on the sidelines of the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding in the field of electricity industry with Iraq, and that in light of the talks that took place began to pay the debt owed by Iraq to Iran in the field of electricity, "

adding that the cooperation agreement with Iraq is for a period of three years and we will under a broad program of cooperation in the field of rehabilitation of the electricity industry in Iraq and the training of human resources and reduce waste in the Iraqi power grid.

He stressed that the development of relations with thecountries of the region is not linked to the US embargo unilaterally and said, we seek to cooperate with the countries of the region through a Iraq and resolve and settle all issues under the atmosphere of dealing.

On Friday, the agreement to export electricity from Iran to Iraq was extended, in the presence of Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardkanian and Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib by the Iranian company "Twaner" and the Iraqi side.