Sileman presents three points for success in Iraq


issued a former US ambassador to Iraq , Douglas Silliman , on Tuesday, a statement on ending his tenure in Iraq, while a three - point display to achieve success in the country.

"I have had the honor and the gratitude to serve as US ambassador to Iraq in the last two and a half years, as well as for our efforts to strengthen the economic, security and cultural relations between our two countries," Sulliman said in a statement.

"The United States and our diplomatic missions in Baghdad Erbil strongly supports Iraq's unity, sovereignty, democracy and prosperity, and the Kurdistan region is stable and effective as part of the Iraqi state . "

"I will leave Iraq with beautiful memories of many of the areas I visited in Iraq. My wife and I were inspired by the diversity of this country and we were touched by the warmth and generosity of its people.

We walked among the date groves in Basra and walked among the remains of Ibrahim's house in Ur. Nasiriyah , "referring to " we have seen the return of the life of the southern marshes in the beautiful Chabaish and stood at the feet of a lion of Babylon,

and I visited Fallujah Teaching Hospital, which has been restored with US assistance and spoke with the brave fighters of the anti - terrorism in the treatment and rehabilitation of veterans injured in the b Center Dad. "

"The kebabs have been tasted in the markets of Arbil and I have spoken at the American University of Iraq - Sulaymaniyah and visited the Nahum Shrine in Qush.

I will always cherish the experiences and friendships that emerged from the recognition of this vast and beautiful country," he said, noting that "Iraq has made progress over the last two and a half years Although it is difficult to see that progress in the midst of the noise of politics. "

"When I arrived in Iraq as ambassador at the end of the summer of 2016, he was an existential threat to Iraq and the entire region.

At a time when the Iraqi security forces were ready to make heroic efforts to restore Mosul, after a number of fierce battles and the loss of many brave Iraqis, The Iraqi forces and in partnership with the International Alliance led by the United States to liberate Mosul and the expulsion of elements urging them,

"explaining that" the fighting has not yet ended, based on the request of the Iraqi government and in full cooperation with Baghdad, there are still more than 5000 US soldiers continue to work in partnership with the security forces Iraqis in their bases to provide advice, training and equipping them to ensure the permanent defeat of Da'ash and defend the borders of Iraq. "

"The coalition of 74 countries and five international organizations has trained more than 190,000 Iraqi police officers and soldiers," he said.

"With the decline in the security situation in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq, the improvement of the security situation and the efforts of the Iraqi government and the United States And other international partners, more than four million displaced Iraqis have returned to their homes in safety and dignity. Minority ethnic and religious communities have also begun to recover after being targeted by genocide. "

"Our economic relations are growing and we are working hard to promote trade and investment between Iraq and the United States. Last month, the embassy cooperated with the Iraqi government and the American Chamber of CommerceTo bring more than 50 American companies to Iraq to establish new trade and investment partnerships,

"explaining that" in light of all this progress I see unlimited opportunities for Iraq in the future, Iraq is a rich country and has an abundance of oil, gas, water and arable land, and has segments of learners Smart people who work hard and also have the support of the United States and dozens of other countries that want to see it transform into an independent, democratic, prosperous and sovereign country.

"By 2025, one million young Iraqis will enter the labor market each year at a time when the government is no longer able To provide employment for all who need to Here, as well as the armed factions beyond the control of the state has imposed its control over many areas of the country , which led to provoke fear and frustration many of the displaced Iraqis and prevented them from returning to their homes, "he said . "

He said that "bureaucracy, corruption and lack of clarity in the procedures impede the pursuit of businessmen to expand their projects in Iraq and create new jobs," wishing success to Iraq. "

Suleiman offered his views on how best to achieve success, which included" Iraq must protect its sovereignty by securing its borders and building troops "Iraq has to work to liberate its economy from corruption and bureaucratic obstacles that prevent businessmen from expanding their projects and creating new job opportunities, and at the gates.