Parliamentary Planning: Government performance was very poor in 100 days
The Strategic Planning Committee and the follow-up of the government's parliamentary program described the government's performance during the first 100 years of its work as bad in all fields, pointing out that the government failed to manage the political file in a big way.

"The performance of the government at the executive level was very poor and no achievement was achieved because of the concern in forming the government and not to provide any tangible services to citizens, while politically failed to complete the government itself or to take any important political decision.

" Fahmi added that "this year's budget is just figures to complete the year without providing real services, especially in the sectors of health, education, energy and reconstruction.

" "The government promised to correct the course of the budget and economic performance during the next year," Fahmi said, adding that "the parliamentary committees will examine the performance of the government because of the competence of each committee for its assessment and re-correct the course of the government in the event of diagnosis of a specific defect