Resolve the problem of the undertakings of exporters of Iranian goods to Iraq in foreign currency
The Iranian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce announced that Iranian banks will replace Iraqi money exchange offices to solve the problem of Iranian exporters' exports to Iraq towards the central bank of Iran.

In a press statement, Syed Hamid Hosseini said that the volume of Iranian exports to Iraq decreased last month by saying that "through the new decisions taken by the Central Bank, the problem of national commitments in foreign currency for exporters of goods to Iraq will be resolved. Months ahead ".

The secretary-general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce discussed a meeting between the Foreign Exchange Department of the Central Bank and the Iranian banks operating in Iraq. "At the said meeting, the Central Bank agreed that the Iranian banks instead of the Iraqi exchange offices would receive the value of goods exported in foreign currency And the Iraqi dinar.

"Based on this, it is decided that the Iranian source will hand over the value of selling its goods in Iraq dinars to the branches of Iranian banks in Iraq and receive them in exchange for the price of today to exchange foreign currency from the branches of Iranian banks National Bank (M) and Barsian."

"The central bank also agreed to buy these banks on behalf of the central bank from the exporters of the dollar or the Iraqi dinar in Iraq, and the Iranian exporters receive the value of their goods in riyals, so the problem of exporters' commitments to Iraq will be solved in foreign currency," he added.

Hosseini expressed his hope that Iran would be able to maintain the pace of exports to Iraq, adding that "the Central Bank of Iran will hold a meeting in Iraq tonight to resolve the potential problems.

Hosseini pointed out that "yesterday, this issue was communicated verbally to the Bank of Parisan and the Central Bank and will certainly be implemented after coordination required."