The biggest operation to counterfeit Iraqi currency was foiled north of Mosul


National Security Service (NSA) and the Ninewa Organized Crime Directorate have arrested a gang with millions of counterfeit local currency, an informed source said Sunday.

He pointed out that "the amount seized by the gang in the area of ​​flowers in the district of the university, north of Mosul, 75 million dinars of the category of 50 thousand forged," without further details.

According to financial experts, to promote the counterfeit currency must be the use of some trustees or employees of companies that spend salaries and expenses, while using the reputation of some traders, and senior dealers with banks who have large balances make them above the level of suspicion, as well as the use of method The fraud of big deals, or the hunt for the simple fools to pass and promote the counterfeit currency.

This is what happens in post-2003 Iraq through organized crime gangs everywhere, with a few experienced and efficient as well as weak souls in positions of responsibility as trustees of funds, banks and banks Ports, border points and customs, which facilitates the entry of counterfeit currency with drugs and damaged foodstuffs bearing false dates of manufacture,

as well as drugs "Exbaer" and industrial and commercial materials, which were subjected to fraud and industrial fraud and change dates of depletion and production, which caused the death and destruction
Thousands of innocents in the process of genocide no less than the car bombs that take the lives of innocent people in the popular markets and population groups.