Parliamentary Finance: Kurdistan budget is 12.67%

The head of the Iraqi parliament's parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed al-Saffar, said on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the possibility of challenging the Kurdistan region in the budget of 2019, by the provinces in opposition.

, "There is consensus and satisfaction between the parties on the financial allocations to the Kurdistan region in the budget of 2019," adding: "was agreed on the proportion of 12.67 percent of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

" The budget is 2019 the best for Kurdistan of Iraq, compared to previous years in the past years, Percent, but the amounts were not paid to the Territory b The reason for not fulfilling its obligations of exporting 550 thousand barrels of oil per day, from the fields of the region and Kirkuk, and hand over imports to the federal government.

"If the region is committed to the terms of the budget will be sent full amounts, and in the event of non-commitment to send revenues of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day (from the oil fields of the province exclusively) to the federal government, the amount of this amount is deducted from the proportion of the region, and send the rest to Kurdistan, And the federal government, said the head of the parliamentary committee:

"I do not think that the government resort to challenge the budget, because all new materials corresponded allocations," pointing out that "the Finance Committee worked to compile Some excess amounts in and Ministries and agencies, and distribute them to other affected parties and they need these funds.

"The signs of this positive atmosphere between Baghdad and Erbil seem to be reflected first on the fate of the disputed areas, most notably Kirkuk and the Nineveh Plain.