Deputy likely to vote on the budget before the end of the current month

MP on the bloc of reform and reconstruction Star Jabbar al-Atabi, Wednesday, the vote of the House of Representatives on the draft financial budget for the year 2019 before the end of the current month, considering the budget "rent and do not meet ambitions" because of the value of the deficit, which is 27 trillion dinars.

Al-Atabi said in a press interview that "the House of Representatives returned the budget to the government earlier to amend them according to the government program, which in turn decided to form a committee working in coordination with the Parliament to be amended in accordance with the proposals submitted by the Parliamentary Finance Committee,

Indicating that "the House of Representatives completed the first and second readings and the discussion of the budget in previous sessions and was put remarks by all political blocs.

"He added that "the parliament will work in its next sessions and as soon as possible during this month to present the budget to vote as a result of the need to pass in order to walk the affairs of the state,Pointing out that "the decline in oil prices and deficit budget, which amounted to 27 trillion dinars, all made the budget is realistic and does not meet aspirations.

"The House of Representatives held its session held on Monday 24 December 2018 report and discuss the federal budget for the fiscal year 2019.