Iraq and the American return .. Re-invasion or the arrangement of papers?

Is currently being discussed in Iraq about the arrival of US special forces to Erbil coming from Syria, based on the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw US troops from the latter, and remains the withdrawal of US troops from Syria is a vague topic and so far no one knows exactly why to decide to withdraw,

But its entry into Iraq, according to the media and some Iraqi security sources opens the door wide in front of more possibilities about the future of these forces and its mission, especially as Iraq has a bitter experience with the Americans.

On the presence of troops or not, an Iraqi security source said that US forces, after President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria, will move to stability in its military base in the province of Arbil in northern Iraq.

US military sources in Iraq, in the context of informing allies of President Trump's decision, explained to an "Iraqi security official" that the forces withdrawn from Syria "will settle at the (US) military base in Erbil in northern Iraq and that they will begin to set up border points between Syria and the region Iraqi Kurdistan, "where US forces began to establish a" joint military operations center with Kurdish Peshmerga forces "on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

In this context, Ahmed al-Sharifi, military expert and strategic Iraqi, in an exclusive interview with the agency, "Sputnik" Russian: The US forces that will withdraw from Syria is actually moving to a base in Iraqi territory.

He added: "The US forces have maneuvered, as the process of withdrawal is a redeployment in the region no more, and the mechanisms that emerged from Syria reached some to the base of Erbil military, is currently working to expand the runways and space to accommodate the larger numbers, America.

Trump's argument was that he did not refer explicitly to the point of withdrawal of the US troops from Syria except in the general framework that it would return to the country. His opponents accused him of "not consulting any of the strategic partners, including France, Jordan and Israel."

Reactions on the Trump decision

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State George Pompeo that "the development of security in Syria is directly related to the security of Iraq and the stability of the region."

A statement issued by his press office that "Abdul-Mahdi received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during which he explained the reasons for the expected withdrawal from Syria, and stressed that the United States continues its obligations to fight da'as and terrorism in Iraq and other areas.

According to the statement, the US Secretary praised the unity of the Iraqi people in various components and the government's efforts to protect security in Iraq and prevent interference in its affairs and the completion of the ministerial lineup.

He added: "Abdul-Mahdi reviewed the nature of positive developments in the country and seek to complete the cabinet, which is expected to make further progress during the next week."

"The development of security in Syria and reaching a political settlement is directly related to Iraqi security and regional stability. The Iraqis are the most keen to consolidate national unity, defend their country's sovereignty and prevent interference in their internal affairs," he said.

The withdrawal of troops from Syria

This issue is still unclear in light of the assurances that America will not withdraw fully from the east of the Euphrates and will maintain its presence near the border between Syria and Iraq to prevent Iran from using the road in the transfer of weapons to "Hezbollah", according to alleged site "Dibka" close to intelligence Israeli conflict.

The site said: The decision to withdraw from Syria is not a complete, but partial, where US troops are supposed to deploy east of Syria and western Iraq to prevent the transfer of Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah and Syria.

He added: The US withdrawal from Syria will not affect the protectionist militias in general, but only propaganda media, and that America is working and will help and talking about is just propaganda.

He pointed out that the US has launched a new military base on the border of the Iraqi News City, near the Iraqi-Syrian border, stressing that there is a new US-Turkey-Russia agreement near the Syrian border, and that there are several evidence, including the transfer of Russian "S-300" Deir al-Zour, adjacent to the Iraqi border.