Deputy: The budget of 2019 is not in the interest of the people and will keep Iraq loaded with debt until 2070


"The budget of the current government is not in the interests of the Iraqi people and will bear us debts for another 20 years," the MP said on Saturday. He pointed out that Iraq until 2054 will remain debt-laden as a result of accumulated loans. .

In a statement received by the 'news', al-Ukaili said that "the House of Representatives and without fear of considering the House of Representatives impeding the budget and does not want to approve it and as a result of popular pressure on the street and demands to provide services we would have another option to the budget and our work to return to the government to change radically.

He added that 'the House of Representatives submitted to the State Committee 47 points and a note called for reform of the budget, but what happened that the Committee approved only 19 amendments', stressing that 'the budget in its current form is not in the interest of the Iraqi people and will carry us debt for twenty years to come.'

He added that 'Iraq until 2054 will remain loaded with debt as a result of accumulated loans, and what was put in the current budget will strengthen the period to 2070', pointing out that 'we have spaces through which we can address the situations, especially that the people sitting without work and most of them unemployed and the state did not open them room And at the same time did not give them opportunities to work within their own country. '