Special Parliamentary finance attaches to the status of salaries in the event of a decline in oil and sets the date of passing the budget

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Abdul Hadi Mohan, on Tuesday, the news that there is an intention to reduce the salaries of employees in the event of lower oil prices more, saying that manipulation of prices is a political issue behind Washington and Riyadh to hit the Iranian economy, while set the date of passing the federal budget .

Mohan said in an interview with "Trend Press", "There is no thought of prejudice in the salaries of employees under any circumstances, a red line," explaining that "oil prices are fluctuating and not a significant and significant decline, as the barrel of oil up to $ 60 and falls to 48, and is expected to rise prices in the coming months, and this does not affect the federal budget much because it is the second largest budget in the country after 2003.

"The manipulation of oil prices is a political issue, not the issue of the need for oil," Mohan said. "There is a unilateral agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia, which is trying to pump as much oil as possible through OPEC, which has led to lower prices."

"Saudi Arabia does not have the capacity to increase production, because it destroys the work of oil wells and economic resources, which leads to the decline of the budget of Saudi Arabia," stressing that "it is a political issue to hit the economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and most countries dealt with this file as a political file, In fact, that Europe and other countries did not abide by the US sanctions imposed on Iran and that means the retreat of the American decision. "

He pointed out that "the number that put the budget of $ 56 per barrel, is realistic and there is no impact on the federal budget," pointing out that "the abundance of previous years and large funds, even the budget deficit of 27 trillion and a half, Real deficit and does not affect the budget. "

He noted that "the existence of other doors can be reduced spending in the event of an emergency in the federal budget, so can proceed to complete the salaries of staff and there is no problem in this aspect." He said by saying, "We are continuing and serious budget legislation at the end of the month."

Several warnings and statements have been made about the possibility of reducing the salaries of employees or prejudice in the event of falling oil prices a lot and below the ceiling of $ 56 specified in the budget, which raised the fears of the street.