Special Economic call to replace the method of maintaining the dollar exchange rate for these reasons?

Economist Saleh al-Hashemi predicted Tuesday that Iraq was affected by the sharp drop in the US dollar on the international stock exchanges.

Hashemi said in an interview with "Trend Press" that "the Iraqi economy is linked to the US economy closely, especially after 2003, where the US financial institutions working in Iraq, which in turn owns more than a fund in the United States,"

stressing that "Iraq will be affected by the sharp decline To the dollar on global stock exchanges, but the Iraqi government through the auction currency pays all its economic losses in order to preserve the dinar.

"In terms of the exchange rate, the dinar was not significantly affected, but in terms of spending to maintain the Iraqi dinar is the one that will be affected and was supposed to change the exchange rate during market fluctuations, but the policy of the central bank, which wants to maintain a fixed price of the dollar spent The dollar more and more,

"noting that" the government must consider monetary policy and find outlets other than the currency market, to live the market of Iraq a normal situation with regional and global markets. "

The dollar was sharply lower overnight, on concern that the US government will continue to close down and the stock markets will fall sharply, pushing the US currency to retreat.