Minister of Trade: We will adopt the fingerprint for issuance of smart ration card

The Minister of Commerce, Mohammed Hashim al-Ani , on Monday, the intention of his ministry to issue ration card "smart", which depends on the fingerprint, stressing the guarantee of access to food supplies to the beneficiaries.

Al-Ani said in a statement received by Alsumaria News that "the ministry intends to issue a smart ration card, which depends on the fingerprint to ensure the arrival of food supplies to the beneficiaries," noting that "this guidance is in line with the directives of the government and the government program which among its goals to eliminate corruption and manipulators The strength of the people. "

Al-Ani pointed out that "the development of a large and clear plan for all provinces follow the vocabulary of the ration card from the beginning of arrival to the port to distribute to citizens," pointing to "the ministry's keenness to provide the ration card items of the best global originators and ensure access to beneficiaries of the system of catering."

The Minister of Commerce announced the launch of an electronic program to control the people to follow up the process of processing the ration card items distributed by the ministry to more than 37 million Iraqi citizens registered within the system of the card in force.

The Minister of Commerce has announced that the ministry has developed mechanisms to take account of the provision of complete food vocabulary and processing to citizens through food agents in all regions of the country specific times known by the citizen and announced through the various media.

The Ministry of Commerce delayed the distribution of ration card items during the last period, even after the cancellation of most of the vocabulary that was distributed before 2003, which was limited to only four of them, flour, rice, sugar and oil.