The minister dismisses 7 officials of corruption charges

BAGHDAD / The Finance Ministry
issued an order dismissing the former finance minister Rafie al-Issawi and six other people from corruption charges against them for lack of sufficient evidence.

According to a document issued by the Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein, and obtained by "Eye of Iraq News", that "based on what was stated in the record of the Fourth Inclusion Commission in No. 230 of 30/4/2018 and the amount of us under its book No. 344 of 2018/7/15 Based on the authority vested in us by Article 2 / III of the Inclusion Act No. 31 of 2010, it is decided not to include the listed individuals because there is insufficient evidence. "

The document shows that the names are "Rafie Jiyad al-Issawi, Zia Habib al-Khayoun, Hussain Talal Abdul Jabbar, Jabbar Waheed Hassan, Sami Taha Mahdi, Saad Issa Hamad and Atheer Abdul Razzaq."