Iraq is to pay 16 billion dinars as interest and premiums for international loans

BAGHDAD / A member of the
House of Representatives Iqbal Abdul Hussein, Saturday, that Iraq will pay more than 16 billion dinars as the benefits and premiums of international loans and treasury remittances during the next year.

"Iraq is required to pay two billion dinars, 55 million and 873 thousand and 556 dinars within the budget next year as interest on international loans granted to him," it said in a statement.

She added that "37 billion and 3 million and 854 thousand and 372 dinars will be paid as interest on Treasury remittances (auctions) and within the budget.

"The 10 billion and 928 million and 807 thousand and 345 dinars were calculated as installments of loans will be paid within the budget of 2019.

She pointed out that the need to adopt a sound economic policy can avoid the international loans that have worn down Iraq over the past years and do not know so far what is the benefit from them.