Khalidi: The crisis in Iraq is the crisis of the political system as a whole


.. Description of the religious authority Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Mahdi al-Khalisi crisis in Iraq as a crisis of the entire political system imposed by the occupation to achieve its goals, "evil."

"The real crisis in the political arena in Iraq is not just a crisis (the formation of the government), which has not been possible so far, and it has been stymied by the ambitions and the sick purposes, but the crisis is in fact the whole crisis of the political system," Khalisi said in his Friday sermon.

Which is because of (the political process) and the requirements; because they found and undermined this image originally to reach the country to this situation of paralysis and boredom and despair of any reform.

"The operation sponsored by the forces behind the curtain for its evil interests and not for the benefit of Iraq and its people"

"This process is carried out smoothly at the top of the pyramid of the political system without any (strangulation) or forms or contemplation or hesitation imposed by forces behind the curtain, and closes completely without any discussion or even a dialogue or inquiry about the identity and qualifications and precedents of symbols; The inevitable or descending heavenly on all that they submit to it without discussion or inquiry "!!.

Al-Khalisi went on to say: "Then look at another process, if it is time to form a good government of honest and efficient elements; here is no smoothness and no tolerance; but competition and bargaining and the market of positions and departments and the ministry start more money and less effort, and so it is difficult, The government of non-binding extent of the emergence (choking) between blocks and parties and parties,

and the attendant more in disrupting services and the disruption of reconstruction and reform and the prevalence of clowns and the loss of security and justice and the necessary interests of slaves and the prevalence of obscene corruption and injustices and the digestion of rights as it is known and known.

"Is it not in this comparison between these two currencies that confirms that the crisis experienced by the Iraqi arena is not (the crisis of forming a government) to serve the country and the citizen, but is (the crisis of the political system) and framed (political process) imposed by the occupation to achieve its evil goals ?! ,

Which he could not achieve by direct occupation, and continues to sponsor and impose it and exercise through this interference convicted in the affairs of the homeland.

"Do not all this call for the serious reflection of all individuals and parties to seek the root of corruption and the incubators of backwardness?", And to work honestly and faithfully to cleanse the political system from the obstacles of the political process that is behind all factors of corruption and radical and unrelenting destruction of the country's sovereignty and dignity And to liberate the Iraqi decision from humiliating slavery and the factors that constrain its good aspirations? "