Video: Political forces intend to remove foreign troops from Iraq

Three political forces began to move towards the preparation of a draft law to remove the foreign military presence in the country through the tools they own within the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

According to leaks, all foreign troops, including the United States, will leave the country by the end of next year at an indefinite period.

The draft law also provides for the evacuation of all bases and camps, including the Kurdistan region, which includes four military bases, where there are US and British combat troops, except for advisory teams and training for German and French.

According to the leaks, the bill also includes the cancellation of the strategic security agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad , under which the American withdrawal from the country in the final year in the twelfth year, noting that the bill is likely to be submitted, Law after the crisis of forming a government.

Parliamentary sources confirmed that the bill had the support of about 150 deputies, expected to put pressure on those who reject the draft law in order to vote in favor of him after the draft is ready in two months from now.

The bill is based on Article I and Article 5 of the country's Constitution, which states that Iraq is an independent and fully sovereign state on its territory.

The parliamentary moves coincided with a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry that the military operations against the PKK in northern Iraq will continue, which angered the parliamentary defense committee, which described the Turkish presence in the north of the country as an attack demanding the immediate withdrawal of foreign troops.