Parliamentary Finance confirms the inclusion of 60 thousand degrees and functional within the budget of 201

The parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Sunday that the draft federal budget law for 2019 allocated 60 thousand degrees of career within the degrees of deletion and development, while indicated that all contract employees will be installed according to the new budget.

Committee member Haneen Qado said in a press statement that "the federal budget for 2019 included the allocation of 60 thousand degrees of functional degrees of deletion and development, which was not launched during the previous two years," pointing out that "there is a parliamentary work to include new grades to accommodate unemployed graduates" .

He added that "the budget of 2019 will be installed all the employees of contracts in all government departments and provinces," noting that "the share of the Kurdistan region has not been set so far and it is hoped that ranges between 12% to 14%."

The parliamentary finance committee has revealed, earlier, about the existence of a move taking place within the House of Representatives to put pressure on the government to provide funds within the budget to install all the employees of contracts in all provinces.