Shares of banks and industry lead the Iraqi stock market to rise

The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange closed Sunday, the first session of the week, up 0.29%, to the level of 499.48 points, winning 1.46 points, compared to levels of Thursday's session last.

The performance of the Iraq index today, led by the rise of 8 shares, provided by Gulf Commercial Bank by 5.88%, chemical and plastic up 4.69%, Islamic Bank rose 3.03%, and the Canadian to produce the vaccine 2.4%.

On the other hand, the shares of Al-Karkh Games fell 1.19% and Baghdad for soft drinks by 0.56%.

The volume of trading today to 440.14 million shares, compared to 1.04 billion shares last session, and the value of trading to 354.16 million dinars, compared to 817.44 million dinars in the previous session.

NCB was the volume leader with a turnover of 107.14 million shares, while the manufacturing and marketing of dates was the top of the activity value of about 101.57 million dinars.