Central Bank and Development Participate in the Annual Arab Banking Conference


attended the Iraqi Central Bank and the International Development Bank, the Annual Arab Banking Conference, while the Central Bank of Development Bank praised the important role and effective efforts by senior management in order to provide the best banking services.

The conference was held in the Lebanese capital of Beirut from 15-16 November, coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Arab Banks.

The participation of Iraqi banks to the International Development Bank represented by the Chairman of the Board Ziad Khalaf Abdul.

The central bank side was also attended by Deputy Governor Munther Abdul Qader Al Shaikhli and the Bank's Public Relations Manager.

All participants praised the role of the International Development Bank in communicating with the banking activities established by the Union and its keenness to communicate with Arab banking events.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Ziad Khalaf during the conference on the importance of "partnership between the public and private sector to achieve the goals of sustainable development."

The visit included a visit to the pavilions of the participating banks, including the Development Bank pavilion and a rival to the other participating banks, where a good visit was made to Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, representing the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in addition to the President of the Union of Arab Banks.

For his part, praised the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Munther Abdul Qader Sheikhli during the conference "the important and effective role of the International Development Bank and the efforts of the senior management of the bank to provide the best banking services and the application of practices and laws in accordance with the context of the Central Bank of Iraq. "