The Central Bank requires commercial banks to comply with the capital adequacy standard

needful Central Bank of Iraq , Sunday, all commercial banks standard minimum capital adequacy limits.

"In order to keep abreast of developments in the global banking system and in order to reach the Basel Committee's decisions , banks will have to adhere to the minimum capital adequacy criteria, " the bank said in a statement .

"Compliance with the minimum limits will be based on the method of calculation adopted in accordance with the conventional rules," the bank said.

The recent financial crisis of 2008 prompted specialists in 2010 to formulate a set of new standards and regulations called the Basel III Banking Supervision Regulations, which are the extension and development of the banking supervisory standards and rules for Basel II and Basel II,

and the addition of some new standards in an effort to avoid weaknesses And to cover the factors that led to that crisis in order to strengthen and strengthen the global financial system and strengthen the strength of the banking sector by adjusting the components of regulatory capital and capital adequacy ratio.