Minister of Trade: Poverty rate in Iraq exceeded 30%


Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim al-Ani formed a high-level committee to study the status of the ration card and the amounts allocated for the purchase of its items, announcing his request to secure adequate financial allocations to ensure the provision of ration card items over the course of a full year.

The minister talked about a number of measures to increase financial allocations to buy ration card items and increase its vocabulary As well as improve their qualities through the agreement with global origin, saying, "It formed a high-level committee to study the status of the ration card and the amounts allocated for the purchase of food vocabulary.

" He added that "the new road map includes the request for increased allocations of money To buy food vocabulary over the course of a full year after it was distributed in recent years for only six months because of the lack of financial allocations.

"He promised to work to" include this in the law of the general budget. "

"The high poverty rate that has exceeded 30 percent in some provinces," he said, adding that "this requires us to take firm and effective measures to help poor families by ensuring the nutritional status of those covered by the ration card system, which number more than 36 million Iraqi citizens." ,

"The ministry is serious this time in securing the basket of food and improve the quality of mechanisms through the work is to be applied as well as work to increase the financial allocations through the General Budget Law for next year and the possibility of processing food vocabulary throughout the year, month.

" He also pointed to " To be covered by the Social Care Act and equipped with the full vocabulary ".

The Minister of Trade to recall the existence of new ideas for the development of the mechanisms of the ration card through a plan to ensure the processing of citizens basket of food at once and not fragmented as it loses the citizen accurate timing and may contribute to the change of vocabulary in poor qualities.

The Minister of Trade pointed to the importance of supporting the citizen for the purpose of marking The Minister of Commerce is working on a page where citizens could not raise their complaints and meet with officials of the Ministry of Commerce to open the door to a new approach in which the walls of the bureaucracy were removed.

Z allocation day in the week to meet the citizens of each Almadrra years and agents in Wazzarh.oaaln more than once his quest hard to change the institutions of the ministry's performance, noting that the priorities of the provision of people's livelihood and improve the quality of food vocabulary and increase the ration card allocations.