Allawi rejects the post of Deputy Prime Minister .. "MP is becoming Minister"

For the last time, some political blocs tried to negotiate with former Vice President Iyad Allawi to grant the Ministry of Defense to Hisham Darraji, in return for granting him the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Planning, but the answer was contrary to what is required .

According to the leader of the alliance "Fatah" Yazan Mishan Jubouri, he made this offer to Allawi, but refused and preferred membership of Parliament .
He said that the response of Allawi, head of the National Coalition came yesterday, at the House of Representatives in his swearing in as a deputy parliament, and therefore the deputy does not become a minister .

It seems that the composition of the cabin of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will be postponed the vote on the remaining ones until resolving some of the differences between the political blocs on the candidates of the security portfolios, which hinted to Abdul Mahdi himself, saying that the cab will be completed in the next few days .