This is what is included in the budget of 2019 paragraphs belonging to the owners of contracts

BAGHDAD / A parliamentary source confirmed on Wednesday that the budget of 2019 has abandoned the contract fixing clause, indicating that it includes only the paragraph of the return of contracts that the ministries needed.

The source told "Iraq News" that "after reviewing the budget of 2019, it turned out to be free of a paragraph on the confirmation of contract holders in the ministries."

He added that "the budget includes the paragraph of the return of contracts if the ministries needed them and according to the number requested by the ministry and not all of them."

The Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib, announced last Saturday, the installation of all contract personnel to the permanent owners within the budget of 2019.

Al-Khatib said in a statement received by "Iraq News", that "the Federal Budget Law 2019 included the paragraph fix all employees of the ministry working in the form of operational and investment contracts on the permanent owners of (33403) associate."

He added that "their steadfastness is a benefit to them for their efforts during the previous years and for the experience gained during their work, as well as the ministry's need for their services."

Khatib said that "the contract will be calculated after being installed as a real service for the purposes of premium, promotion and retirement, with the commitment of the Ministry to benefit from the fixers to work in investment projects and new operational programs for the coming years."