Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice recommends the recovery of 48 billion dinars as a result of fraud

The Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Justice on Monday recommended the recovery of funds exceeding 48 billion dinars, as a result of fraud of a number of properties, during the first nine months of this year.

The Inspector General of the Ministry Karim al-Ghazi said in a statement that "the investigative committees formed in the Office, recommended within its work to recover the amount of (48) billion and (700) million and (60) thousand dinars since the beginning of this year to the end of September 2018,

These funds are real estate estates recommended by the investigative committees to cancel their restrictions as a result of counterfeiting and re-ownership of the Ministry of Finance.

"The second source is the difference in the real value of the properties offered as collateral for obtaining loans from government banks," Al-Ghazi added, adding that "this resulted in the disbursement of loans and the loss of public money."

He stressed that "the committees recommended the recovery of funds, and impose administrative penalties for the defaulters, in addition to referring them to the courts of investigation issues of integrity, to be punished for the violations they committed."