Adul-Mahdi: We will work to find financial sources to support the crowd and keep it one of our most important duties

BAGHDAD / Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Monday during a meeting with leaders of the popular crowd at the headquarters of the Commission, in the presence of the deputy head of the Abu Mahdi Mahdi, that work will be on finding financial sources to support the crowd.

"Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi confirmed during his meeting with the leaders of the popular mobilization that the crowd is a historic achievement for Iraq , and gave the army, police and other security services," the media said in a statement received by Iraq News .

"The crowd is a huge fact that can not be bypassed and it is our duty to support the crowd . We will work together to find financial resources to support the crowd , " he said. " Maintaining the crowd is one of our most important duties ."

" There are those who are trying to say that the crowd is temporary. I am just saying that the formation of the government is a short one, but I will do my best to get the crowd to have all its rights . The martyrs of the crowd must be honored in their honor,
" he said.