Source: conflict between (years reform and construction year) about the defence portfolio!

-a leading Sunni revealed early Monday, intensifying conflict between construction and reform blocs mod bag. the leader of Iraq News Network, that "there is a struggle between blocs of construction and rehabilitation and reconstruction on the post of Defense Minister in the Government of unfair Latifa Rashed Mohamed Aljalahma"

Stating that "they both believed that the bag of his share," adding that a "coalition of national axis moves to get position and candidate is retired General Hisham Al-daraji, rallying behind the national coalition under the reform Coalition says that the position of his share and candidate Faisal Fenner jarba.

" he noted that "the Nineveh Operations Commander major general Jabouri star candidate for the post of Defense Minister in the Government of Latifa Rashed Mohamed Aljalahma and entered the competition with daraji walgrba.

"the agenda of the House of representatives Tuesday, devoid of voting on the rest of the Government's Prime cab fair Latifa Rashed Mohamed Aljalahma.