This is the cost of raising the name of the links from the Iraqi currency

Revealed the economist, Nabil Mersoumi, on Thursday, the cost of printing the Iraqi currency by a British company, indicating that the banknotes that have been printed and bear the name of the relationship is not clear yet.

"Since 2003, Iraq has been printing its currency in the UK by Delaro. There is no official data on the cost of printing Iraqi banknotes. However, the overall cost of printing a banknote in Britain is 7 US cents in 2010 and perhaps The cost today is 10 cents. "

"It is not clear how many banknotes printed by the Central Bank of Iraq in Britain, which bears the name and signature of the Governor of the Central Bank on the links, which amounted to about 150 billion dinars, pointing out if we assume that the number of printed papers up to 100 million banknotes,

The cost of up to 10 million dollars, which should be paid attention to the Iraqi parliament, which must undertake a careful study showing the total cost of exchange of these securities if he decided to withdraw this currency from circulation. "