Hadi al-Amiri announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for the presidency of the Iraqi government

Announced the leader of the coalition "construction" Hadi al-Ameri, on Tuesday, withdrew his candidacy for the Iraqi prime minister, stressing the need to be nominated for this position by consensus of all blocks.

Ameri said in a press conference followed by the channel "Alsumaria" Iraqi, "announced the withdrawal of my candidacy for prime minister," adding that "the candidate for prime minister should enjoy the consensus of political blocs, and if supported by all the forces will certainly share his share."

"As we worked together day and night to fight against the scourge and rid the Iraqis of this scourge, we must work together to succeed in providing services and building Iraq," he said.

Al-Amiri, known as Abu Hassan al-Amiri, was the former Iraqi Minister of Transport and Communications and a member of the current House of Representatives. He currently leads the Badr Organization and the Popular Popular Militia.