Federal deferment of the appeal against the law of the oil company


AL-SABAH The Federal Supreme Court has ruled that unconstitutional articles in the Iraqi National Oil Company Law No. (4) of 2018, indicating that it has decided to postpone the pleading to next month.

"The Federal Court held its session under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud and the presence of all the members of the judges, and considered appeals against the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company No. 4 of 2018," Ayas al-Samuk, the court's spokesman, said in a statement received by al-Sabah.

"These appeals included material (3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 17) of the law referred to above," Samok said.

He added that «the court decided to introduce the Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil / in addition to their posts, the fact that the subject of the case touches them for the purpose of clarification of what is necessary to resolve, and accordingly decided to postpone the argument to the beginning of next month».