Figures: Iraq's financial surplus in 6 months


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According to data published on the website of the Ministry of Finance on the general budget for 2018, the surplus achieved during the first half of this year, amounted to 14.798 trillion dinars.

According to these data, the operating expenses amounted to 29,001 trillion dinars, while investment investments amounted to 1,486 trillion dinars, while the total expenditure was 30,486 trillion dinars, and the general revenues without oil revenues of the Kurdistan Region 45,285 trillion dinars, thus the financial surplus is 14,798 Trillion dinars.

Commenting on the figures, Basra University professor of economics, Nabil Mersoumi, wrote in a personal page on Facebook on Tuesday, September 11, that "if there was a rational administration of the Iraqi economy to invest this surplus in the establishment of strategic projects that provide hundreds of thousands Of jobs rather than falsely claiming a financial crisis in Iraq.

"It is worth mentioning that the MP for the coalition, "Suron" Magda Tamimi, described during the parliamentary session on Basra last Saturday, who says that there is a financial crisis in Iraq as a "liar", where she stressed that "talk about the lack of funds to Iraq, is not true , And who says that he is a liar.