General "Iraq recognizes a strategy to develop the electricity sector

US General Electric Company, the Iraqi
government, has handed over a strategy to develop the country's electric power sector, raise the capacity of the national system and employ more manpower.

In a statement to Anatolia, Frederick Rivera, director of the energy sector in the American company, said that the latter handed over to the Iraqi government, the new strategy developed for the purpose of developing the electricity sector.

The strategy involves doubling the production of electric power by introducing modern technology into energy projects.

Rivera added that "the strategy that was developed also includes the development of the Iraqi energy production system from production, transportation and distribution, with the aim of putting a final solution to the electricity crisis."

"The strategy also aims to invest the gas associated with the oil extraction operations, and to benefit from it in the supply of gas-powered power plants."

Iraq needs more than 23,000 megawatt hours of electricity to meet the needs of the
population and institutions without interruption