Economist: Foreign exchange between Iraq and Iran will be cash

Iraq and Iran have great trade ties, US economic sanctions can not limit trade between the two neighbors, the economic expert said on Wednesday.

Al-Suri said in a press statement that "Iraq and Iran are two neighboring countries and it is difficult to control the subject of goods and goods between them, as these issues can not be controlled except by satellite," noting that "transactions in foreign currencies between Iraq and Iran will remain, through monetary exchange without recourse To remittances, as happened at the time of the previous US sanctions. "

He added that "the government can not control all the economic conditions, especially the border crossings in full, only through the implementation of the law to protect the local product, where trade between the two countries will remain."

"Iraq may be a gateway to the Iranian economy, although Iran has great relations with Asian countries, especially China and India, and has relations with Turkey and Russia," he said.