The United Nations attaches to the end of manual counting operations

BAGHDAD - The Special

Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, on Tuesday urged the Iraqi judiciary to announce the results of the elections after the completion of manual counting.

"The announcement of the Council of Judges of the Electoral Commission for elections to complete the process of counting and counting in all 18 provinces of Iraq as well as the vote abroad."

"I congratulate the Council of Judges on this important achievement towards the completion of the 2018 electoral process in Iraq. The timely and timely counting and screening process was carried out with transparency, organization and credibility thanks to the impartial work of the Council of Judges and the dedication and professionalism of all counting and screening staff,

The Independent High Electoral Commission and the judicial staff. "The way in which they dealt with counting and counting has increased public confidence in the electoral process and the election results."

"I am now encouraging the Council of Judges and relevant State institutions to devote their attention to the timely announcement of the interim results and the speedy resolution of any pending appeals," he said. "During the counting process, an experienced team of UN electoral experts followed up the process,

The United Nations remains ready to provide further expert advice and assistance to the Council of Judges, who are in charge of scheduling the results of counting, sorting and all subsequent stages in the ratification of the results by the Federal Court. "

The Iraqi Electoral Commission announced on Monday the completion of manual counting and counting of all polling stations and stations for which complaints and appeals were received in all governorates of Iraq and abroad.