Labor announces number of foreigners working in Iraq

BAGHDAD - The Ministry of
Labor and Social Affairs announced on Tuesday the presence of more than one hundred thousand foreign workers in Iraq, which have access features during 2017 and 2018.

"The ministry, through its inspection committees, registered 87% of the foreign workers who were granted entry points for the years 2017 and 2018 by (104) thousand and (380) workers, corresponding to 13% (13) thousand and (494) Iraqi workers, "pointing out that" the ministry will impose sanctions on violators to implement the law and instructions for the employment of national manpower,

which involves the obligation of foreign companies to employ Iraqi workers at least 50% of the total labor used in projects Investment obtained investment license from the National Authority for Investment or financial institutions Investment in the provinces as well as not allowing foreign workers to work inside Iraq without obtaining the work permit stipulated in the Labor Law No. (37) for the year 2015.

He added that "the ministry is working within the framework of linking the strategy of poverty alleviation and national employment policy through the implementation of laws and regulations that contribute to the absorption of unemployment," noting that "the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers took a proposal to the ministry to prevent granting the attributes of entry for foreign companies to work in Iraq,

After making sure that the contract concluded with the government agencies involves obligating foreign companies to review the foreigners department in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the purpose of granting workers working permits and to activate paragraph (5) of the Diwani Order (46) of 2012,

In contracting with foreign companies to conclude contracts requiring companies to review the Ministry of Labor within thirty days of the entry of foreign workers for the purpose of issuing work permits.