Today .. Announcement of the total results of manual counting and sorting


BAGHDAD / Following the morning, the
channel "Iraqi - IMN" exclusively on Monday, the results of counting and sorting manual in the country and abroad and the decisions of the legislative elections completed by the Electoral Commission of the judges assigned, and at the time denied the Fatah alliance formally reach any alliance with the five political blocs , Revealed a coalition going on a new round of talks between the blocks to reach an agreement on the formation of the largest bloc.

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) in a report from the Baghdad International Fair on Sunday that "the judges assigned to confirm the end of the counting and sorting by hand after the completion of counting and sorting all stations Karkh, as well as the end of the last two provinces, Salahuddin and Nineveh," The report added that " The Board of Commissioners will take a decision regarding the stations Rusafa in the coming days on the results of the elections. "

The report said (conscious), that "will be announced the total of what happened in the hand counting and sorting within and outside the country and decisions, (on Monday) on the Iraqi channel imn exclusively," and pointed to "the isolation of five stations during the counting and sorting stations Karkh, Verification, voter registration and barcodes. "