The Iraqi Central Bank denies dealing with the $ 100 category of pre-2006 publications

The Central Bank of Iraq denied the circulation of the $ 100 for the previous editions of the pre-2006 publications, pointing out that rumors in this regard fall within the speculations of the market.

"The bank is trading all categories of the dollar and all previous editions even before 2006," said Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher, general manager of the Department of Financial Operations and Public Debt Department at the Central Bank. "The circulation of $ 100 before 2006 is far from Indeed".

He added that "the bank does not reject a specific category or edition of the dollar, unless it is forged," noting that "the lack of circulation of some citizens and banking offices of the old issues, back to the Iraqi market and the bank has nothing to do.

He pointed out that "all the neighboring countries of the Turkish and Jordanian markets are dealing in dollars without the expense of categories or editions reverse the market in Iraq."

Some owners of Iraq's banking offices refuse to buy the $ 100 category from pre-2006 issues and return $ 1 notes to their owners.