Abadi: The biggest corruption is the waste of public money


In the implementation of 02 Khaddmaa a resolution to the province of Babylon ,
Baghdad / Sabah
stepped up the prime minister, Haider al - Abadi, his efforts to provide services and basic needs for the people of the areas that are its children called for the need to provide services Following a meeting with families of a number of provinces of the south and the Middle Euphrates recently, yesterday discussed with the elders and the elders and the people of Babel, the most needs service, and while the immediate response to the implementation of 20 service decisions for the people of the province, he stressed the development of plans and strategies for construction and reconstruction.

This comes at a time when the government media cell announced on Saturday, the end of the sit-in district of Husseiniya north of Baghdad after the response of the Prime Minister to the demands of its people, while the governor of Baghdad Atwan al-Atwani the availability of 4,000 degrees of functional capital resulting from the movement of owners for the year 2016 and pending the approval of the Ministry of Finance To launch its allotments to initiate the recruitment process.

A statement from the Prime Minister's Office, received by the "morning" that "Abadi received on Saturday a delegation of elders and dignitaries and parents and the government of the province of Babylon, local presence of the Committee on Services and reconstruction in the provinces and a number of officials."

Abadi said that our country has good and fair distribution and that the duty of the state is to take care of everyone. After we announced the military victory a few months ago, we started the work of construction and reconstruction and services and we put in place the necessary plans and strategies, indicating that the biggest corruption is the waste of public money.

The Prime Minister said: "We will achieve a new achievement in reconstruction, construction, services and employment opportunities in our cooperation, we are in one boat, indicating that the anger comes for the correction," saying: "We are with the demands of popular and peaceful and respond to them through real and medium and strategic solutions."

The Prime Minister, in the light of what was presented during the meeting, the following:
1 - Completion of the allocations of the strategic bridge Btah and funding the appropriate amount for this year and ensure the allocation for the next year with the possibility of building an alternative bridge to build military engineering quickly to avoid the large congestion caused by this bridge.

2 - The issue of the announcement of the project of Hilla large streams, which was voted in the Council of Ministers and within the allocations of the British loan.

3 - Completion of the five strategic water projects as one of the ministerial projects, some of which reached 90 percent (Al-Hashimiya Water Project, Al-Mahaweel Water Project, Abi Gharq Water Project, Al-Musayyab Water Project, Al-Kefal Water Project).

4 - Declaration of grades resulting from the movement of owners of all departments of the province according to the population ratios of each administrative unit.

5 - Supply the province of Babylon electric power on the basis of the population ratio of the people of the province as well as the province of the first industrial and review the subject of collection and maintenance and the Ministry of Electricity to address the problems of fluctuation of processing areas of Musayyib, Alexandria,