International companies looking to be present in the Iraqi market


Because it is a promising and influential regional and international
Baghdad / morning
represent the Iraqi market , the focus of great interest to the various international companies that monitor closely the economic reality of Iraq, where the global effort of opportunities just waiting to enter the broad field of employment in the country.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassim Al-Aradi stressed that "Iraq is a promising and large job market in the region and the world, and all the regional companies of the world recognize the importance of Iraq on the international arena, and he began to exist on the field of work, in the field of privatization," noting "friction with the global effort continuously Made us point out the interest of those companies in Iraq
and its economy. "

He added that "the concerned parties have to do the reality of investment and create the appropriate environment for the arrival of large companies and create real competition between the Iraqi effort, where competition leads to the development of the reality of the qualitative implementation of the total domestic projects,

" pointing out that "the entry of service companies to the country, including taxi and work mechanisms Sophisticated will do transport services and transfer to a better stage, where the beneficiary goes to the company that offers the most suitable for the standard of living.

"Iraq is a long-standing country with its rich local heritage and strategic importance in the region," said Karim Sheikha, CEO and co-founder of Karim.
Their families. "

He continued , " we seek through our presence and our presence in the Iraqi market through investment and the introduction of solutions and services, so as to achieve our vision of making a quantum leap in the transport and contributing sector on the other hand in the reconstruction of Iraq to be able to return to the outdated former as one of the leading countries the
region. "

He added that the company "introduced new mobility solutions, but enhanced them with various payment options made easy for users such as cash payment, credit card, or using the company's credit, and the adoption of the latest technologies and systems such as GPS, which ensures the accuracy of access to the user Track the track The selected time in the original time.