Allawi: The recent elections a big farce and a crime against the Iraqi people

The head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, Saturday, that the rates of forgery that emerged recently during the process of counting and sorting in Kirkuk, confirms that the recent elections a farce and a crime against the Iraqi people.

In a statement received by "Eye of Iraq News", Allawi said that "the percentage of forgery that resulted from the results of counting and manual counting in Kirkuk reached in some centers to fifty percent."

He stressed that "the need for judges to amend the third law of elections of the House of Representatives, which provides for the re-counting and sorting manually for all funds in the provinces of Iraq and without exception in respect of the will of the Iraqi people to choose who represents.

He warned that "the violation of the above law will lose the political process the remaining credibility of the Iraqis and the international community, which requires the return of the elections in spite of the attempts of some parties and States to cover the crime of fraud and the formation of parliament and the government is not fair based fraud.