Private Sector .. Where?


Hussein Thogb
We are on the threshold of a new stage and in front of the responsibilities of addressing an economic program that everyone hopes to be full of vitality, through the joints that make it imperative for us to be comprehensive to the most productive sectors without exception.

And in the presence of great hopes to activate the Iraqi labor market in all its aspects, because it receives great regional and international attention, and the reasons become known to everyone and recognizes the positive results every specialist on economic affairs on all

We are talking about an economy that is of great importance and a promising market that is of interest to the economies of the region and the world. The reality of this situation requires executive tools that have a high degree of expertise and know-how in these matters, and here comes the role of the national private sector, which should have the greatest role in the development process.

The reality of the economic situation requires the existence of a private sector, a solid citizen has the elements of implementation and planning, developed and qualitative, to be ready for global partnerships implement projects on the ground or undertake projects undertaken by itself after the owner of the data to achieve

The local private sector, which is responsible for managing the economic reality, must be aware of its future tasks and responsibilities in order to be able to address the large building and reconstruction
responsibilities that the country is looking forward to in the
coming period.

The unity of the private sector is important in the development of its capabilities and reflects a bright image in front of the international effort developed.

Here, the professional and economic organizations and unions can play a role in choosing a national voice for the private sector that is representative and demanding its rights instead of dispersing the voice of the sector.

This dispersion weakens our private sector. In spite of the need to be strong in its capabilities as owners of advanced technologies and financial solvency and human resources with the ability to be able to modern systems in the world.

We are at the beginning of a new phase that requires a coherent private sector with a single voice that reflects to the government and the world that it is capable of actively contributing to the construction and reconstruction process with a strong regional voice, especially we know that the first manufacturing plants and production lines in the Middle East were in Iraq more than 70 years ago.

In light of Iraq's capabilities, the private sector is required to be stronger and more resilient to the world and to the size of the country's wealth, to be a true supporter of the future construction process, which will start sooner or later, and we hope to see an effective private sector that understands its responsibilities and responsibilities and reflects a clear picture of its past history
and future.