Saleh: The possibility of changing the shape of the country's economy for the better


After the demise of security challenges
Baghdad / Shukran al-Fatlawi
optimistic voices of the country's economic status of the existence of opportunities that can change the shape of the national economy and take it out of the circle of problems and put it on the right track and exit from traditional frameworks and move it to a stage commensurate with what your wealth and resources.

Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs "The investment situation in the country today is at the crossroads of the fact that the dangers of the security situation and the occupation of the" preacher "was the point of separation, but today, after liberating the land and achieving victory, the investment situation is supposed to Completely changed ".

Investment law Saleh said: "Over the past ten years, the investment law remained despite the encouragement of the need to stand at some of its joints."

He continued after the Kuwait conference there are questions raised what is the appropriate climate for investment, pointing out that "this issue today is adopted by the adoption of the political leadership of Iraq's economic in general,

stressing that the state prepared for this file, the problem is not the security threat after its demise, but there are risks related to bureaucracy and corruption in the application of laws It is one of the important things that will be taken

into Alaattabar.

hoshra Iraq investment Law No. 13 of 2010, as amended , to regulate the economic processes in all sectors through the issuance of investment maps showing how many projects

needed by the country. heritage old

He added that "this legacy is not new, so formed the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment Prime Minister and the membership of a number of executive ministers to oversee the adoption and implementation of strategic investments and the task in the lives of Iraqis and through formations to facilitate the work of investors in Iraq in general, away from bureaucracy to Deal with corruption and work to facilitate the work of investors under the auspices of the head of state. "

He stressed that "Iraq in this direction will move to investment through attention from the top, the fact that the only disabled security can enable Iraq to overcome it as the country became one unit after stability and victory over a supporter." Alternative economy

"Investor protection, repression and counter-bureaucracy will start from the pyramid of the higher state, and in this way there will be an encouraging climate and the situation
will change,
" he said , adding more than two years ago.

The prime minister pointed out the important issue is that fighting investment in the level of terrorism is not simple saying that those who oppose investment such as carrying weapons from the terrorists against the state entity and its institutions, adding that "the suppression of investment is a terrorist, where will deal with those who exceed the
Invests and hinders foreign investment and domestic legal and will be subjected to penalties of up to the criminalization of terrorism.

Labor market

Economic expert Ahmed Al-Attar that "investment is an imperative necessity to promote the economic reality of the country, and this does not cost the country the trouble of seeking investments, in light of the availability of all the fundamentals to activate the local labor market."

He pointed out that "the capacity of employment opportunities owned by Iraq is a great attraction for the international effort specialized and looking for an ideal working environment for the recruitment of capital and the advanced technology to serve the economy and mutual benefit, especially that Iraq has a good investment law at the level of the region, Security can promote investment and cooperation with major international companies in the industrial, agricultural
and service sectors. "

He stressed "the importance of concerted efforts by all parties concerned with economic affairs to create an environment attractive to international companies and start the process of development strongly and commensurate with Iraq's
economic capabilities