More than 10 million participants in the electoral wedding


Abadi blessed the success of the democratic experiment
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqis on Saturday chose their representatives in the next parliament at an election rally attended by more than 10 million voters, distributed among all forms of private-public voting, 44.52 percent of the total 92 percent of voters cast from polling stations.

In the form of the victory of the national will on all forms of terrorism and extremism, Ninewa governorate witnessed the highest participation rate in the elections according to preliminary percentages obtained by the morning.

The electoral participation of the sons of Umm al-Rubaiein reached 53%, 48 in Babylon and 45% In Muthanna, and 40 in Basra.

And immediately after the end of the election, the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, the Iraqi people the success of the democratic practice, indicating that "the general voting process took place in all provinces of Iraq and enable our dear people to cast their votes to choose their representatives freely and safely," noting that " To conduct free voting for the first time after the great victory and the defeat of an advocate. "

"Our heroic forces have achieved another victory by protecting the democratic process and have been able to protect the citizens in the polling stations deployed in different areas of Iraq," he added.

Washington also congratulated the Iraqis on holding parliamentary elections, calling for the formation of a "comprehensive" government that responds to the needs of all Iraqis. "

The US State Department congratulated the Iraqi people on the successful parliamentary elections held yesterday, ethnic and religious votes in all eight provinces ten including IDPs, and they made their voices heard. "

the statement continued," the United States is ready to forge partnerships with Iraqi leaders, while we continue to build a long - term relationship of cooperation and rust Of between our two countries, a partnership strategy based on the strategic framework agreement that will contribute to achieving stability in the region and bring peace and prosperity
in Iraq. "

"The total number of participants in the elections reached 10,840,989 out of the 24 million Iraqis who are entitled to vote," said Riad Badran, head of the electoral administration at a press conference held by the Independent High Electoral Commission on Saturday.

With a vote of 44.52 percent to 92 percent of the total votes of voters, which is 51 thousand stations, while remaining about 4300 polling stations will reach results and data during hours of "Saturday"

He added that "the total number of participants in the general vote was 9 million and 952 thousand And 264 voters and in the special vote amounted to 709 thousand and 396 voters While the total number of participants in the elections abroad 179 179 and 329 voters).

Badran pointed out that "all rumors of fraud or rigging are unfounded, and there are parties trying to mix the papers and disrupt public opinion." He called on "everyone to respect the election results and deal with them according to the law."
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