Parliament holds a session without laws (controversial)

Expectations that it will not be the last
Baghdad / morning
The House of Representatives is supposed to hold its session on Tuesday, while parliamentary expectations
indicate that the session will be devoid of controversial laws, and it will not be the last.

The House of Representatives Speaker of the House of Representatives Niasi Amar, said in a press statement:

The parliament session, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday will not be the last, because the rules of procedure sets the 30th of June next date for the completion of the House of Representatives,
explaining that "Parliament can at any time during this period To hold a session, whether regular or emergency to discuss matters that happen or updates the political situation as necessary. "

He added that "most of the current deputies are candidates in the upcoming elections, and therefore expect their presence to the session as the public opinion and follow-up to see who attend the meetings, especially this sensitive time with the start of election propaganda, therefore,

the absence of their presence will have a negative impact on them, "
We expect that the attendance will be good enough to complete the quorum and put some laws to vote.

" He added that "the session will include the presentation of the laws passed from the previous session, including voting on judges assigned to the Court of Cassation in addition to a number of other laws, Nothing in the agenda One of the basic controversial laws, which will be carried over to the next session.