Elections move markets and create jobs


Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf
With the start of the propaganda campaign for political entities and candidates for legislative elections, experts said that the markets witnessed and will witness in the coming days a significant movement thanks to pumping billions of dinars.

The financial expert Thamer Al-Azzawi told Al-Sabah: "The campaigns of the candidates have revived the markets."
Run presses and explained that "most of the candidates for election campaigns rely on printed images, Filksat, banners and other advertising methods, contributes to the operation of presses and manpower."

He added that "many candidates rely on the means of distributing gifts such as clothes and electrical appliances and foodstuffs and most of these are purchased from the markets.

" For his part, the economist Raed al-Ameri, "Sabah", "The election campaign attracted thousands of unemployed to benefit from propaganda campaigns through Work ".

"Most candidates rely on young people to win votes, and they rely on them to publish their election campaigns for money," he said.
Labor market expert Rahim al-Shammari, he told the "morning", "The political entities returned what acted hundreds of billions of dinars during the period of propaganda campaigns before the elections.

" Shammari said: "Most of this money goes to the labor market," pointing out that "

"The propaganda campaign has created a movement in the labor market, as the candidates want to print banners to win the votes," said the owners of printing presses, posters and calligraphers.

"Advertising campaigns have led to a boom in the food and electrical appliances market and the loudspeakers market, as well as the hardware, construction and other services market .

The head of the electoral administration, Dr. Riad Badran, announced that "the media campaigns started on Saturday and ends 24 hours before the start of the polling day (May 12), to allow candidates to announce their
election programs and introduce themselves to voters," pointing out that "

The legal procedures to implement the penalties provided for in the electoral law and the implementation of the provisions of the electoral campaign system No. (11) for the year 2018 for those who violate the campaign regulations in accordance with Article (22) of the said system.

Badran called on all coalitions, parties and candidates to cooperate with the Electoral Commission and abide by the implementation of the vocabulary and controls of the electoral campaign system.