Douglas Seleman: We do not support a specific candidate in the elections

The US ambassador to the United States, Douglas Silliman, revealed Sunday the position of the United States on a second term for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while he spoke of the electronic voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for 12 May.

He said in a statement to the Iraqi position that the election is a right for the Iraqis and advise them to do so. When you elect, do not look at the past and look for the future and choose the party or candidate who you think is the best for the future of Iraq.

"I am concerned about politicians who say that participating in the elections does not make a difference, indicating what we would like to see is a stable Iraq, especially as it possesses the oil, water, agricultural and human resources and what we believe is important for Iraq to ensure its future to have an independent economy away from bureaucracy, Attracting investments.

"We provide advisory support to the Electoral Commission. We will be official observers with the rest of the missions and the United Nations in monitoring and assisting the NGOs. We are now focusing on making the elections as fair, fair and transparent as possible."