Recovering real estate and funds by about 314 billion dinars


Revealed by the annual report of the Ministry of Construction and Public Municipalities
Baghdad / Wafa Amer

The annual report of the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works last year revealed that the value of real estate and recovered, estimated and excluded funds, which were prevented waste, amounted to more than 314 billion dinars.

"The report of last year 2017 witnessed the recovery of funds and real estate of the state treasury, different from the previous years in terms of size," said jurists Inspector General Majid al-Salhi in a statement received by Al-Sabah.

, Through the work of investigative committees, as well as the results of audit and audit activities and information activities and training courses.

He pointed out that the value of the funds amounted to more than 314 billion dinars, 109 billion dinars, the value of recovered properties of 189 properties in Baghdad and the provinces, and more than 45 billion dinars worth of money that was prevented waste, while the money recovered under official arrival or judgment by judicial decisions, A sum of money that is estimated to be recovered, more than 160 billion dinars.

The report also revealed the transfer of 70 defendants to the competent courts and 40 investigation files, as well as the referral of 17 accused in the Integrity Commission and 12 investigation files, noting that the number of disciplinary sanctions reached 604, with the formation of 66 inclusion committees.

Al-Salhi pointed out that the report also included the completion of 2065 technical, legal, administrative, auditing, survey and investigative visits, as well as 65 training courses in various fields. The training resulted in the training of 72 employees and the establishment of 22 workshops in the field of spreading the values ​​of integrity in the fight against corruption.

The report pointed out that in the field of investigative committees there are 551 committees for the year 2017 and previous years, where 373 committees were completed, and in particular the inspection visits indicated that 2065 visits were made by 173 technical visits, 1004 visits, 167 legal visits, 335 audit visits, 171 administrative visits, The report included 1524 complaints, received news and 1116 complaints and completed news.

Al-Salhi pointed out in his report that one contract and 11 contracts were audited. Reports received from the Financial Control Bureau reached 31 with 11 investigative committees and one report on integrity. The letters of guarantee forms audited by the Office reached 295 With an audit 16 advance and workloads.